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Distribution of your press releases in Austria

APA-OTS Originaltext-Service delivers your press releases in the form of text, photos, graphics, audios or videos directly into media newsrooms, press offices and internet services. In addition to traditional press releases, APA-OTS is the right partner for the announcement of press conferences and events. These announcements are archived in the editorial planning tool of the APA – Austria Press Agency.


The base distribution of APA-OTS reaches 800 daily media and press offices, about 8,000 journalists, press spokespersons and people in media, politics, organizations and companies.  About 21,000 mail subscribers are reached via email. Enhance your press release with multimedia content such as photos, graphics, audio, or video.

To learn which formats are possible and what to take note of in a transmission click here.

To reach additional contacts in trade and regional media, use our wide variety of specialist media distribution lists and services.
* [Link to German Language Website]


APA-OTS uses a line or word clearing system, which means that the price of a press release depends upon the length of the text.  The price basis for an announcement is either 30 lines of 69 characters (OTS and DACH) or 300 words (international).  The OTS Manager* carries out an automatic price calculation for your press release. We are pleased to inform you about specific prices and combination possibilities.

OTS Single Distribution:

Basic Price for a text with up to 30 lines EUR 170,-
each further 15 lines EUR 85,-
Specialist and regional media: Price per distribution list EUR 50,-
Attachments (photos, audio, graphics, PDF files): Price for up to three
EUR 100,-


Quota solutions:

If you want to distribute press releases regularly, we offer tailored packages.  You can choose between pure text quotas or packages that include multimedia attachments or specialist media distribution.

Quota price examples:

  • OTS-Plus: 300-Lines incl. three attachments (photo, graphic, audio or PDF) and the choice of a specialist or regional media distribution list per distribution
    EUR 1,920.-
  • OTS-Standard: 300-Lines, text only
    EUR 1,440.-

More package solutions or individual price calculations are available upon request.

All prices excl. VAT



You want to reach targeted sectors or regions with your press release? In addition to our basic distribution you can choose from a variety of trade and regional media distribution lists:

  • Agriculture
  • Animals
  • Car, Motor, Transportation
  • Building, Housing, Real Estate
  • Career, Human Resources
  • Culinary Arts, Gastronomy
  • Consumer Information, Local News
  • Culture, Art
  • Economics, Finance
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Family, Women
  • Health, Medicine
  • Immigration
  • Industry
  • Law, Courts
  • Leisure
  • Lifestyle, Fashion
  • Literature
  • Marketing, Advertising
  • Media, Journalism
  • Music
  • Politics, Community News
  • Radio
  • Religion
  • Security
  • Social Policy, Society
  • Science
  • Trade, Commerce
  • Youth
  • Regional Distribution (Austrian Federal States and South Tyrol)
  • Supply your own distribution lists (on request)


We offer specialized portals for both tourism and travel ( and IT and telecommunications ( with a comprehensive and accurate delivery to specialized media, opinion leaders and industry insiders.


Your first distribution via APA-OTS automatically creates your own digital press kit on*. This includes all releases and attachements of your company or organization. To optimize your digital press room, we offer the following extensions:

Digital Press Kit – Example 

Transmission Logo:

In addition to your OTS press release, your logo, including the link to your website is displayed on*.

Initial setup and link to your digital press kit:  EUR 100.-


All prices excl. VAT

* [German Language Websites]

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