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Thanks to our long experience in the field of video production – with a focus on events and current information – we know exactly what is needed to transport your content. As a subsidiary of the APA – Austrian Press Agency, the interplay between quality and speed is an important part of our offer. Together with our comprehensive production and distribution network, we make sure that your videos are visible and remain in the memory of your customers, shareholders or employees.


Take advantage of your brand ambassador for all your presswork. Immediate completion guarantees you immediate communication via the APA-OTS distribution system.  Together with the APA Photo Service*, we offer you an attractive combination package for comprehensive multimedia coverage.


  • Recording of a statement at your place (eg office, company,..)
  • Recording of additional materials and cut sequences
  • Post Production (inserts, intro and outro)
  • Completion of the video approx. four hours after filming
  • Distribution of video with text release via APA-OTS and social media platforms
  • price: from EUR 990.- excl. VAT



Communicate your company figures in a multimedia fashion and put your CEO in front of the camera. Embed up to three animated graphics covering the important statistics for your company.


  • Recording of a statement with your CEO at your office or company
  • Embedding of up to three animated graphics
  • Provision of the video via embed code to easily use it on your websites
  • Includes video distribution via the channels of APA-OTS
  • price: from EUR 1,500.- excl. VAT



APA-OTS produces live streams of events, press conferences, presentations and conventions professionally and in HD – upon request with multiple cameras and live direction. Thanks to our sophisticated server technology many thousands of concurrent viewers can be serviced, regardless of their end device. Naturally, it is possible to add videos, PowerPoint presentations and information of the speakers as well as to broadcast translated versions of your content.


  • Conception, planning and technical coordination
  • Live streams using multiple cameras and live direction in full HD quality playable on all end-devices
  • Availability of the on-demand recording with hosting on a customized micro-site
  • Embedding of additional content such as presentations or videos
  • Streaming of additional audio-channels (e.g. concurrent streaming of translations)
  • Announcement of the live stream via the channels of APA-OTS
  • Reporting including view and viewership statistics
  • price: from EUR 2,500.- excl. VAT



Highlights from your events with the messages of your guests and stakeholders. Take advantage of the communication potential of your event by capturing the highlights and allowing your guests to relive the experience.

 Included in the service:

  • Video coverage of your event by a professional camera team
  • Interviews with specific people including guests, customers and CEOs
  • Video composition including the highlights of your event
  • Professional speaker for additional texts and introduction
  • The final composition of the video delivered in a timely fashion – your choice of a deadline is possible
  • Includes video distribution via the channels of APA-OTS
  • price: from EUR 2,500.- excl. VAT


Video portals

Do not limit yourself to just Youtube, create a custom-designed space for your video content and make it your central point of contact for your stakeholders.


  • Custom design of the video portal
  • Content categories
  • Hosting and embedding of videos on your portal


Video distribution – publish your video


  • Video distribution via the channels of APA-OTS – Austrian’s largest distribution service of press releases
  • Direct distribution to editorial and press offices
  • Storage and archival of your video
  • Distribution of your video to social media channels and video platforms (youtube.com, facebook, …)
  • price: from EUR 350.- excl. VAT

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